Certification course: Professional Scrum Master & Business Game (scrum.org, PSM 1™)

Certification course: Professional Scrum Master & Business Game (scrum.org, PSM 1™)

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Agile is one of the buzzwords of our time. But what is it actually about? Find out! This course not only offers you an optimal introduction to agile management, but also the chance to take your first steps with it in practice.

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Agile management represents an outrageous trend and not infrequently a panacea. Rightly so? And if so, why at all? Get your own picture and your entry into the world of Agile perfect with this training.

This training has the following objectives:

  1. Prepare you for the exam in such a way that you pass it.
  2. To provide you with a framework in which you can practically apply, try out and practice Scrum.

For this reason, the first part of the training with its content, structure, didactics and learning games focuses on passing the certification exam. This way, distracting or irritating elements are eliminated and you are guided to your goal faster and more effectively.

And because the acquired knowledge often seeps away if there is no framework in which the knowledge can be applied and tried out, the second part of the training revolves exclusively around our business game. The game is an abstraction of reality that offers you an environment in which you can try out Scrum and learn what agility means in practice. The perfect setting to take your first steps in practice after the theoretical training of the previous day.

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But practically there is.” – Yogi Berra

Part 1: Exam Preparation (Professional Scrum Master, PSM1)

Content of the course:

1. Scrum Framework

Basic idea | Principles | Values | Possible applications


2. Scrum Roles

Product Owner | Scrum Master | Development Team | Scrum of Scrum | Learning Game


3. Scrum Artefacts

Product Backlog | Sprint Backlog | Increment | Definition of Done | Sprint Burn-down Chart | Scrum Board | Release Burn-down Chart | Learning Game


4. Scrum Events

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Daily Scrum | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective | Learning Game


5. ScrumBut



6. Practice

Interactive quizzes about content relevant for the exam


7. Exam Simulation

Online exam simulation


8. Information about the Exam

General Information | Tips | Online Exercises | Login


9. Optional: Online Exam


Aims of the course:

  • You know the principles and values of Scrum.
  • You know the roles including their rights and duties in Scrum.
  • You know the artefacts (documents) and their use as well as their objectives in the agile management of Scrum.
  • You know the events and their properties as well as their importance for Scrum agile management.
  • You are familiar with stumbling blocks and indications of incorrectly practised Scrum.
  • They are familiar with the exam situation and the exam contents.


Part 2: Scrum Business Game(Professional Scrum Master)


Content of the Business Game:

1. Pre-Game

Setting the Stage | Forming Teams | Mastering the Scrum Master’s Role | Understanding the Vision | Identifying Personas | Identifying Needs | Developing User Stories | Story Mapping | Effort Estimating | Re-prioritising


2. In-Game: Sprint 1

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective


3. In-Game: Sprint 2

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective


4. In-Game: Sprint 3

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective


5. Post-Game

Recap | Lessons Learned | Reflection


Goals of the Business Game:

  • You gain first experience in the practical application of Scrum.
  • You experience Scrum in practice and thus consolidate your knowledge of the method.
  • You will learn about stumbling blocks in practice and measures to avoid them.
  • You will learn to work in a customer- and result-oriented way.


Other information:

In order to prepare appropriately linguistically for the exam, which can only be taken in English, all exam preparation materials are in English. However, the Business Game can also be conducted with German materials.

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