Scrum Business Game

Scrum Business Game

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“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But practically there is.” – Yogi Berra

You know Scrum and are perhaps already certified, but have not yet had the opportunity to apply your knowledge practically? That’s why we have developed this business game. In the one-day event, you can practically apply your knowledge and experience together in a mini-project what Scrum can look like in practice.

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Agile management is an outrageous trend of our time. Large numbers of companies are having their employees trained as a result. But what is often lacking is a framework in which agile management can be rehearsed and practised.

Training imparts theoretical knowledge in a targeted manner to enable participants to pass the exam. But what happens after the exam?

Often the training is wasted.

Often the acquired knowledge seeps away because there seems to be nowhere to apply and try it out. But the daily work routine is also conceivably unfavourable – in the truest sense of the word – for practising a new method in practice for the first time. Just as a learner driver does his first laps on the traffic training course, newly learned management methods should also be tried out in a designated setting. This way, experience can be gained and practised in peace, while potential damage is kept to a minimum.

Our one-day Scrum Business Game offers such a framework, in which you can refresh your Scrum knowledge, practice it and, above all, apply it practically.

Content of the course

1. Pre-Game

Setting the Stage | Forming Teams | Mastering the Scrum Master’s Role | Understanding the Vision | Identifying Personas | Identifying Needs | Developing User Stories | Story Mapping | Effort Estimating | Re-prioritising


2. In-Game: Sprint 1

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective


3. In-Game: Sprint 2

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective

4. In-Game: Sprint 3

Sprint Planning | Sprint | Sprint Review | Sprint Retrospective


5. Post-Game

Recap | Lessons Learned | Reflection

Goals of the course

  • You will gain initial experience in the practical application of Scrum.
  • You experience Scrum in practice and thus consolidate your knowledge of the method.
  • You will learn about stumbling blocks in practice and measures to avoid them.
  • You will learn to work in a customer- and result-oriented way.

Participation requirements

To allow all participants to focus on applying and practicing Scrum in practice and to minimise delays due to knowledge deficits, we recommend that participants attend a Scrum Master Training prior to this simulation. In addition, participants can refresh their knowledge with the official Scrum Guide.

Other information


Course materials are available in English and German.

All Scrum trainings at a glance here.

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