How to organise for M&A, Carve-out or Post-Merger-Integration

How to organise for M&A, Carve-out or Post-Merger-Integration

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Due to COVID, experts expect a surge in M&A and the shaping of organizational entities – get your team ready for it! This bootcamp covers the process from M&A strategy to the implementation of a carve-out or the integration of an acquisition. We address the adequate integration approach and stages that are key for the success.

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This bootcamp covers the process from M&A strategy to the implementation of a carve-out or the integration of an acquisition. Practitioners address the adequate integration approach and stages that are key for the success, i.e.

  • The strategic part of due diligence that involves validating the acquisition target’s fit with the acquirer’s strategic rationale for the acquisition.
  • The operational part of due diligence that involves understanding the operational characteristics of the target.
  • The “soft factors” dealing with people, culture, change management and communication that are the top reasons for integration failure.

The format „bootcamp“ is meant to give room for an intensive cooperation.


1. The overarching life cycle and milestones – after the deal is before the deal.

2. Pre deal: Strategic decomposition, target setting, business case (1). Know your stakeholders

3. Preliminary Due Diligence, Workstreams, Roadmap, Valuation. Gate 1

4. Detailed Due Diligence, workstreams & perspectives.

5. Feed deal negotiations and structure.

6. Sharing experience – Key findings, show stoppers (legal, financial, tax,..)

7. Excursion: Understand start-ups (business mindset, culture, ecosystems, do’s and don’ts pre-during-after the deal)

8. Business Case (2) development. Options & perspectives. Gate 2

9. Organizational Design – Analysing As-Is and visioning To-Be. A systemic view on structure, processes, transformation strategy, people & culture.

10. Governance set-up: Stakeholder, steering governance, design PMO

11. Sharing experience – plenum / break-out sessions.

12. Change Management – If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford M&A. More than communications!

13. PMI Planning: Integration types, risks and opportunities, retention management.

14. Post merger integration, factors of failure or success. Gate 3

15. Carve-out – key challenges, tailoring and scoping the transaction object, lessons learned

16. Sharing experience – SWOT and negotiations

17. Preparation for Day 1 readiness – Refinement of the business case (3). Pre-announcement & deal closing.

18. Post deal: Stabilisation and the 100 days. Piloting, roll-out and control of the deal concept.

19. Consolidate and capitalise: Return on Change

20. Closing: Don’t underestimate complexity and preparation. Lessons learned, pitfalls, essentials.


  • Provide the client’s team of functional experts and integration with proper knowledge, structure and tool sets for Due Diligence and Post-Merger Integration activities
  • Gain a complete view and global understanding of challenges all along the acquisition and merger or carve-out process, focusing in particular on Due Diligence & Post-Merger Integration
    • Contributing work stream functions (Finance, Legal, Compliance, Tax, HR, IM, RE, Programs, Strategy):
    • Gain complete view and global understanding of challenges all along the M&A process
    • Get global picture of DD & PMI resp. Carev-out, understanding how each work stream fits and contributes
  • The key aspect of the overarching process is defined by the strategy of the acquirer as well as a thorough target profiling as a starting point of a M&A-process and the delivered successful integration as a result. Based on this the agenda of the boot camp puts special attention to:
    • Strategic Fit (between acquirer resp. seller and target)
    • Deal Process
    • Valuation Methods
    • Due Diligence (incl. inputs to PMI / Carve-out planning)
    • PMI / Carve-out Business Case (preparation, planning, KPI and synergy delivery)


The boot camp is a perfect method for an intensive exchange of experiences and group work to transferring knowledge. The concept includes elements that have proven to be successful:

  • Check in/check out: We offer a short platform for participants to have the first and the last word. The workshop is for them, not for us. We suggest naming for each theme a theme owner on both sides, the client and amontis. This would help the coordination at the boot camp and the later transfer to daily routine.
  • Interactive: We build blocks of 1,5 hours per theme. We limit presentation time to approximately 25% of the agenda. For the remainder, we vary the formats: change groups, use a (digital) pin wall or flip charts, propose (digital) walks to assemble the conclusions, and we should build in enough breaks.
  • The “how” is as important as the “what”: We design how to share content and how to collect input and feedback. The idea is to let the team progressively develop the foundations of a playbook.
  • Focus equally on content and people: Workshops are about work (the “it”). People must get to know each other (the “I”) and build contacts and trust as a team (the “we”). People aspects is a part of the workshop design.
  • High-velocity feedback: We will ask for evaluation and comments in an anonymous way right after the workshop; and we will share the feedback as an open discussion.

Prior to the boot camp we suggest discussing with some key participants (core  team Governance & Integration, workstreams) their expectations, requirements, and actual status as well as to review the existing guidelines and procedures prescribed by your (our client) company.

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