Agile Management in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry

Agile Management in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry

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This talk will show you why and how agile management could help you achieve your goals faster, debunks some myths about agility and gives you practice-oriented tips to successfully implement your agile transformation.

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Agility is not a new concept, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The virtues of agility are well known and heavily promoted in this branch since at least the late 2010s.

However, agility has been too often only being referred to as a way to quickly improve whether the supply chain management or, more recently, the R&D sector. This is indubitable that this two sectors can greatly benefit from an agile transformation, but what if the rest of the company structure does not provide the flexibility needed for this changes to be fully successful – or, in other words: why agility could not be also beneficial to all the other sectors of the company?

There are for sure a lot of challenges specific to the pharma industry that make the adoption of agile management methods more difficult – at least in theory. We could mention the heavy regulations that need to be followed, the complexity of the products to be made and sold, or the constant evolution of the competition.

But what if the implementation of a profitable agile management was still possible? What if this was actually working?

In this talk, you will be given key insights into how agile management can help you become more customer-oriented, more flexible and efficient, but also boost your employee’s motivation.

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